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FACT! - Recruiting and selling is not duplicatable because it's a talent most people don't have and don't want...

You are bound to fail if you try to be something you are not and never enjoyed or intended to be - a high pressure salesperson prospecting friends and neighbors.

Let the Simple Profit Setup SYSTEM do your recruiting and selling for you... and for your downline... That's real duplication!

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Never again do you have to worry about how to get enough traffic to your websites, how to write compelling ads, how to reach your target market and attract hot prospects who WILL sign up... it is all taken care of with this system.

The Simple Profit Setup Residual Income Business Building System

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Over 90% of people attempting to earn an income from Internet Marketing keep making the same mistakes that will kill their business faster than they can build it. Why? Because that's what their well-meaning upline and/or company management falsely teach them to do!

And you're supposed to teach your downline to do the same. That way everybody's duplicating failure! Do you see how dangerous it is to take counsel from ignorant 'experts' ?

As you read on you'll understand why you are being lied to over and over again, and how easy it will be for you to eliminate these deadly mistakes from your marketing and start building successfully growing downlines and income streams.

There will be no doubt in your mind that NOW you will build residual income that keeps on growing month after month!

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You will discover how to stop following the same path as the more than 90% of people in this business who don't make any money. Choose a different path - the path to success.

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